DIY Homeschool Schedule with Google Sheets
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Fast, Free, & Easy Homeschool Schedule with Google

Make this schedule in just a few minutes…

Hey friends! Check out this 5-minute video that will help you make a fast, free, AND easy homeschool schedule! This method has been SUPER helpful for me the past couple of years. I just make it, print it, and use it! 

Once your custom schedule is finished:

  • Print it.
  • Slip it into a clear binder cover to give to your kiddo.
  • Keep a copy for yourself for when they lose their schedule (hehehe).
  • Ask your kids to consult their daily checklist when they say they’re done.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat until the schedule becomes habit.

This is HomeschoolMom outsourcing at it’s finest. I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me! 

Happy homeschooling with your fast, easy, and free homeschool schedule!

Please comment and share if my video helped you. 😀

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