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Our Stamped Concrete Wood Patio

I am so excited to share pictures of our awesome new wood stamped concrete patio! This area was once an overgrown garden, then sad dirt, and finally, this amazing space. I can’t believe how much bigger our yard feels now with this beautiful patio. The kids absolutely love running and driving cars around on the concrete.

My dad gets a big shout-out for this one. He’s a concrete contractor and knocked out this big project over the course of about a week. We almost went with smaller planks but thought that a patio of this size could handle the larger ones. These are the brand-new “Bridges of Madison County” stamps and we were the first ones in our area to try it out! My dad ended up liking it so much he used it for the walkway at his new office.

Here’s some pictures from a nice, snowy April day we just had. I love how the wet snow really brings out the wood look in the concrete with it’s knots and texture.

Wood stamp concrete Patio
Wood stamp concrete patio
Wood stamp concrete patio

What do you think about our concrete wood stamped patio? Looks pretty convincing to me! We’ve had a few people ask about our “deck” and can’t help but smile as we warn them to watch out for splinters 😀 Be sure to pin for your own yard designs!

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