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Trick or Treating Alternatives: Halloween Coupons

Hey friends! Check out these cute Halloween Coupons I made this morning. There will be no trick or treating for us this year due to COVID-19 so I’m trying to make the holiday as fun as possible. I thought these coupons could be one of many nice trick or treating alternatives.

It always surprises me how much my kids love receiving coupons for holidays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… like when they cash in on an ice cream date weeks later!

I’m hoping we’ll have a bit more of an old-fashioned Halloween this year. It’ll be like when the kids were little and we lived in the country 😀

There’s still plenty to do to celebrate the season: pumpkin carving, pie & cider making, friend time, bobbing for apples, decorating the house, dressing up, watching spooky movies, reading about the holiday, and hiding candy around the house with these coupons.

Here’s a preview:

The whole product can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers here.

The coupons are color-coded for up to six children, printable, and I’ve included suggestions about how to use them. Personally, I think I’ll either tape them to pieces of candy and hide them around the house or have a scavenger hunt!

Since the kids still love dressing up, maybe we’ll have a costume photo shoot. Or ridiculous fashion show? That would be a great excuse to get a fog machine and roll out a skinny carpet.

It’s 2020, folks! This year is scary enough as is. Here’s to hoping we can all be creative and find some new ways to laugh and celebrate.

Do you have any fun trick or treating alternatives? How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

Happy Homeschooling Halloween!

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